That’s all for now, folks.


The Hank and Vinny webcomic published on 6/11/10 will be the last one for a while (possibly forever). I’m not sure whether I’m going to do more of them or not. At the very least, I won’t be publishing any more comics this summer. Though I still love birds and Hank and Vinny, my next creative endeavor will more than likely not be bird related.

If perchance I decide to do more Hank and Vinny webcomics, everything should be the same for you if you subscribe to the blog through a blog reader or have an e-mail subscription. You’ll either receive a new post in your reader or receive notice by e-mail that there’s a new comic. If you are stopping by the website on occasion to view the last several strips, things might change for you since I will probably not renew the domain name “”.

The archive of old posts and any new posts will be at:

Thanks for reading,

Kirk Westendorf